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Custom Ordering Neodymium Magnets (FAQs)

What happens after I complete the form?

All information in the form will be sent to our engineers to review. You’ll receive your quote within 2-3 working days (exception of some international holidays) along with an email with the specifications of your magnet. Production will start once secure payment has been made. 

How long will my order take?

Our priority is to get your order to you as soon as possible. Once you submit the form, our team aims to deliver a quote in 2-3 working days and you will receive your order 21 working days from payment. For those urgent requests, we offer a Fast Track service for £50 which will deliver your order within 15 working days.

How are costs calculated?

The price of Neodymium goes up and down throughout the year and quotes are reflective of those changes. This means like-for-like quotes may differ throughout the year.

What do Neodymium grades mean? (N35-N52)
The grades N35 to N52 reflect how much ‘power’ the magnet produces. The higher the number the greater the magnetic field. Higher grades of Neodymium are generally more expensive, we find the N42 is the perfect balance between performance and cost.
What if I have special requirements?

If you have requirements that aren’t mentioned in the form, please include as much information in the bottom fied. Our talented team of experts can help with almost any magnet requirements.

What are the tolerance levels?

Tolerence levels determine slight differences in the size of your magnet. Our tolerance levels are 0.1mm+/-.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We don’t have a minimum order quantity. However, our minimum spend for custom manufacturing is £100 due to design, moulding and manufacturing fees.

What is the returns policy?

If you have a change of heart and would like to cancel your order our team will do everything in their power to help. If manufacturing has started we cannot refund your purchase because the custom order has no resale value.