Magnet Fisher of the Month: Mama Magnet

Name: Mama Magnet 

Youtube Channel: Mama Magnet 

This month we are delighted to kick off the new year with Mama Magnet (aka Lucia Armitage) as the Magnet fisher of the month. From modelling to mudlarking, she is not your average 35-year-old mama. The glamorous makeup artist from West Yorkshire loves all things historical and after discovering magnet fishing, she bought a cheap beginners magnet and Mama Magnet was born!

How did you get into magnet fishing?

“I began magnet fishing about 6 months ago. I’ve always loved archaeology, treasure finding and watching videos of metal detecting. This evolved into finding out about magnet fishing and realising that it wasn’t a super expensive hobby to get into. As money was and still is extremely tight, I felt this was something that I could do instead of being stuck in the house all the time or being restricted to do things because of finances.” The adventure and affordability of magnet fishing make it very easy to enjoy the outdoors when on a tight budget.

What do you love about magnet fishing?

Mama Magnet loves what we all love about magnet fishing… the unknown! The thrill and suspense after you feel your magnet latch onto something in the water – what could it be? Each and every item you pull from the water has its own unique story and Mama Magnet likes to get lost in the stories behind them.

Mama Magnet set up

The Magnet: 150kg neodymium single-sided magnet & 98kg ferrite magnet with the neodymium being the firm favourite
The Rope: Braided Rope
The Knot: Palmour knot on to a carabiner for the neodymium magnet and a Palmour double looped knot on to the ferrite magnet
Mama magnet is looking to upgrade her kit to something stronger to help her latch on to those stubborn finds.

Magnet Fishing Tip

“Always wear gloves, take wet wipes, take a bucket for your finds. NEVER LEAVE YOUR RUBBISH”. That’s right, don’t attract unwanted attention to the magnet fishing community and take away your finds in the right way. If you have no idea what to do with your finds, simply call the local scrap man or go to your closest recycling center.

Mama Magnet Finds of Fame

The Best:
The best find so far was when my brother and I went magnet fishing and found a US marine replica ceremonial sword! That was just awesome!

The Worst:

Probably the usual rubbish like nails, springs, etc. These kinds of finds lack history which is not my kind of thing,

The dream:

The dream find would be something historical like an old musket or something from hundreds of years ago. I’d rather that than a modern day gun or knife.


When to Magnet Fish – Mama Magnet
If you’re anything like Mama Magnet, you love peace and quiet. This is why she recommends going early in the morning when there are fewer people so she can get fully immersed in the experience with minimal distractions.

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Want to know more about Mama Magnet?

You can follow her adventures at the social links below. Through her youtube page, you can find much more than your average magnet fishing adventures and join magnet mama and her little girl through their geocaching adventures.

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