How Could Magnet Fishing Help Those With Autism

Magnet Fishing: Helping those with Autism? 

Today, most people know about Autism since it affects the lives of millions. Statistically, if you do not have autism yourself then you probably know someone with it. People with Autism often lead a fruitful life but, as with the rest of us, there can be days that feel a little bit… blegh. Scott Hargood, a parent of 3, has found his own ways to engage his children who all suffer with autism. Scott tried everything to get his children away from the screens and out of the house, since it was so difficult due to their low levels of confidence with social interactions. It was only when he saw a YouTube video of magnet fishing that he thought this could be the solution. 


Scott invested in a high strength neodymium fishing magnet and took to the canals. Not all children were entirely sold on the idea, but as soon as Scott pulled out a Sawn-off Shotgun, it’s safe to say they couldn’t stay away. Whilst we’re on the topic, it’s worth noting any firearm lying in the depths of a murky canal will be substantially damaged. The levels of corrosion seizes and swells all of the mechanics which make it practically impossible to return to full functionality. That being said, all finds with a similar nature should be handed to the police as this could be key evidence for ongoing investigations. 


How has it helped?

Scott says magnet fishing has given the children a huge improvement of confidence and they now willingly approach new people at any given time. They often show children from school magnet fishing and even seen dishing advice out to newbies. Doing this has exercised the social skills that have been unused for years which is absolutely transferable to different areas of their life. This is a trigger that, sometimes, all a child or vulnerable person needs to direct them in a more advantageous direction. 


Coloured Fishing Magnets helping autism?

Scott approached us and explained that he has got an idea which would hugely help the autistic and mental health communities. His children suffer with an acute form of autism, which means they are more engaged with bright objects that are more visually stimulating. For this reason, Scott asked that we manufactured coloured fishing magnets whilst he believed would really help them. 4 weeks later, our manufacturers produced the fishing magnets and when the code “HargoodCharity” is used, the buyer receives a 5% discount and 5% of the product value goes to the autistic charity of Scott’s choosing. 


What about Scott?

Scott and the family are some of the most considered magnet fishers, having built an outstanding following over the course of 12 months. He uses the audience to spread the message on autism and offers help to absolutely anyone who may be in need. This alone is highly commendable but it is a reflection of him and his family’s character of being truly selfless people. Scott has seen first-hand how this has improved the lives of his children and this is the reason why he endeavours to get the word to as many people as he can. He is such a selfless person, that he spoke with a lady who had an autistic child and he was explaining how much this has helped his own children. She did not have the funds to buy a magnet herself, so he gave her his own instead. After learning this, we decided to donate strong fishing magnets to Scott and his family.


Staying Safe Magnet Fishing 

Magnet fishing is very easy and beginners can have huge amounts of success early on. All ages can partake but it is very important that younger or vulnerable people are supervised by a responsible adult to make sure everyone is safe. You can find sharp objects in canals and the water is often dirty, so please make sure you use protective gloves and bring anti-bacterial gel with you at all times.