Premium Heavy-duty Magnet Fishing Case


  • Premium heavy-duty case with very high durability.
  • Easy to store and protect your Magnet Fishing equipment.
  • Non-Magnetic making it a convenient carrying case for your Fishing Magnet
  • Removable EVA foam giving you the ability to store any sized magnet.
  • Moisture and humidity-controlled adjustable vent
  • Premium build quality
  • Sleek design

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Magnet fish like a true professional with this premium heavy-duty Magnet Fishing case. Capable of securely holding your fishing magnet, rope, carabiner, gloves and thread-lock. Magnet Store's Magnet Fishing case makes transporting your magnet fishing equipment an absolute pleasure. The case is manufactured using the world's most premium protective materials and you'll find a custom moulded EVA foam that perfectly fits your Magnet Store Pro magnets. The EVA foam is removable so you can store any size or shape magnet.

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Weight 1.44 kg
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