The Ultimate Magnet Fishing Kit

What do you need for magnet fishing?

We see it asked time and time again “What makes a good magnet fishing kit” and truth be told there is no definitive answer, but we asked fellow fishers what they think makes a good magnet fishing kit and this is what they said.

The basics of a good magnet fishing kit start with a magnet (of course), rope and gloves. This is what everybody begins with as they try out the hobby.


You need a good strong magnet for magnet fishing. We recommend using a neodymium magnet rather than a ferrite magnet as they have a much stronger pulling power (and of course it’s all about the pull)!  There is nothing worse than latching on to an item only to feel it fall off as you begin to pull it in. It’s every magnet fishers worst nightmare.

A large surface area is also a bonus too, so if you’re stuck between two magnets that pull the same pick the one with the wider surface area.  Let’s say there are two 120kg pull magnets, one is 35mm while the other is 60mm, always go for the 60mm as this will attach better to the object you will be pulling. Always go for an eyebolt magnet rather than a welded magnet as these are much less likely to snap, imagine pulling your magnet back in to find it missing from the end of your rope. 

Single or double-sided fishing magnet? Now that’s a debate for another article! Everyone’s preference is different. If you know someone with both it is best to go out with them and try both, you will know pretty quickly which one you prefer.


A good rope is well worth the investment. You should be looking for something which is around 6mm in width and we would recommend at least 10m long. Bear in mind the width of the rope as something which is too thin is likely to hurt your hands as you pull your finds in. We also recommend using braid on braid rope rather than twisted rope as this will last much longer. Take care of your rope cleaning it after use as you want to avoid the rope rotting. 

With the rope comes the knot, there are many to choose from at Magnet Store we like the Palmour knot. If you are unsure how to do this knot simply search it on youtube there are plenty of videos to help.


Gloves are essential as health is a priority and you don’t know what is lurking in the waters. Rusty nails can easily cut your hands when cleaning your magnet so you need gloves that are cut resistant to keep you safe. Gloves should also have a good grip as you pull your heavy items up this will help.


Loctite is essential if you have an eyebolt magnet as it will ensure that your bolt is tight. P.s. we recommend using an eyebolt magnet over a welded magnet as they are less likely to snap off while fishing. The worst thing you can do is invest in a good magnet and then lose it due to a loose eyebolt. It’s cheap and affordable from most hardware stores so there are no excuses.

Antibacterial Gel

As you stop to take a drink, a bite to eat or when your finished and driving home you want to make sure your hands are clean. The water is full of bacteria so get some antibacterial gel to keep your hands clean. You can now pick this up pretty cheaply at most stores.


Sometimes you can latch on to an item but need a little extra help to get it out of the water, this is where a grapple can come in handy. This will help you pull out those stubborn items. Although a grapple is not essential it is pretty handy to have, you can usually pick these up from Amazon or eBay. If you are pretty handy yourself you can make one, we have seen some good ones made at home.

Magnet Storage System

You will want to keep your magnet and rope tidy as there is nothing worse than having to untangle your rope every time you go out to fish. Invest in a magnet fishing storage system. We have seen people create these at home or buy something suitable for the job. Think outside the box you can usually find an adequate solution at most hardware stores such as a hosepipe tidy. If you buy from magnet store we include a rope tidy in every rope purchase so this is not something you need to worry about. 

Ice Scraper

It may sound unusual but a car ice scraper can become very useful when magnet fishing! You should clean your magnet frequently when magnet fishing and a good ice scraper is great for this.


Both to drink and to clean your hands. Stay hydrated as you will be out in the sun all day you don’t want to cut your magnet fishing trip short due to dehydration. Antibacterial gel won’t get rid of the dirt just the bacteria so wash your hands under the water to clean them.

Storage bag/ bucket

You need a way to take your finds away. It’s bad practice to leave your finds by the water and even worse to throw them back in. If you can’t take the finds away for any reason you should call a local scrap man they are usually more than happy to come and take it away (even if they can only come and take it the next day). Ikea bags are usually pretty good to take the smaller finds away.

Local Scrap Man

If you don’t have a van then you may find it difficult to take away those larger items. We recommend contacting a local scrap man prior to magnet fishing to see if they would be willing to take away any of the larger things you may find. They can weigh it in and get some money for it so it’s a win-win situation.

Have we missed something off the list? Get in touch