What Shape and Size Magnets are Available?

Find out all of the available shapes and sizes that are available.

Available Magnet Shapes

Permanent magnets come in a huge variety of shapes and each has its own unique benefits. The geometry of a rare earth magnet determines how the magnetic field lines are arranged from the north pole to the south pole, so the shape of the magnet is a very important factor where precision is required.

In most applications where precision isn’t required, certain shapes are required to fulfil different uses. For example, if you’ve drilled a hole into a surface, you may want a disc magnet to fit flush inside. In any case, we can custom manufacture magnets to the most precise and obscure shapes imaginable and you decide the strength of the magnet.

Available Magnet Sizes

We can custom manufacture magnets as small as 0.3mm and as large as 165mm in any direction. In addition, the size tolerance of custom manufacturing is very precise and stands at -/+0.05mm. These size restrictions apply to all types of magnets.

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Block Magnets

These are rectangular in shape and measured as Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H). This is one of the most common shapes of magnets and can be useful for a huge array of applications. These bar magnets have even been known to fill an entire surface, acting as magnetic tiles.


Branded Magnets

Branded magnets can be any shape, however, they’re most commonly produced as block or disc magnets. These have your logo or personal design on your magnet which is achieved with a high-gloss sticker or laser engraving on the magnet.

Channel Magnets and Pot Magnets

Mounting and pot magnets are magnets that are encased in a protective steel casing. They most commonly have a countersunk or counterbore hole in the centre to be drilled (or mounted) onto a wall, ceiling or surface.


Counterbore Magnets

Counterbore magnets have a flat-faced hole in the middle which enlarges to a coaxial hole. These are measured as diameter x height x (counterbore hole diameter). They are used in many applications that require the magnet to be bolted to a component or surface.


Countersunk Magnets

Countersunk magnets are designed to be screwed into place so the screwhead is flush with the magnet. The size of the countersunk hole is often measured as the diameter of the smallest hole. Uses for countersunk magnets are almost endless, but the most common applications for countersunk magnets include general DIY, woodworking, magnetic lock mechanisms, magnetic clasps and retail displays.


Clyinder Magnets

As the name suggests, these magnets are cylindrical and are measured as Diameter (D) x Height (H). They are categorised as cylinder magnets when the height matches or exceeds the diameter of the magnet. The magnetic field has a longer distance to travel from each pole which means they are widely used for sensors.


Disc Magnets

These are circular magnets and they are measured as Diameter (D) x Height (H). These are very versatile magnets and perfect for slotting into a drill hole or partition. Disc magnets have large magnetic poles due to the wide and flat surface. To increase the strength of the magnet, simply increase the diameter, height or grade. The power of the magnet will continue to increase until the height matches and exceeds the diameter.


Horseshoe Magnets

Horseshoe magnets are the most recognisable magnet shape in the world and have become the international symbol to visually represent a magnet. These u-shaped magnets are measured as length (L) x width (W) x height (H) and are most commonly alnico magnets. They are popularly used in education, science and research. 

Ring Magnets

Ring magnets are circular magnets with a hole in the centre and they are measured as outer diameter (OD) x inner diameter (ID) x height (H). They are often used in speaker systems, motors, sensors and science experiments.


Pyramid Magnets

Pyramid magnets are magnets that have a wide base that narrows at the top. They are measured as base length and width (L/W) x top L/W x height. Pyramid magnets are one of the most powerful magnets available since their tip focuses the magnetic flux better than most other shapes. The flux of these magnets are so powerful that they have been used for magnetic therapy in whales which was only previously done by using superconductors. 


Top Hat Magnets

Top hat magnets are magnets that have a flat circular top with a smaller circular bottom. These are measured as outer diameter (OD) x inner diameter (ID) x height (H). These top hat magnets are often used in applications where the smaller diameter fits into a recessed area.


Tube Magnets

Tube magnets are long magnets that are measured as outer diameter (OD) x inner diameter (ID) x height (H). They have a straight circular hole through the middle and are often used in magnetic separation equipment and linear actuators.


Sphere Magnets

Sphere magnets are circular magnets that are measured as diameter (D). These magnets are perfectly rounded magnets in all directions and are often used in DIY, education and research. Small 3mm, 5mm and 8mm sphere magnets were very popular as people used them to create structures, however, they are widely banned due to safety concerns after several people swallowed them. If you would like to make magnetic structures, we recommend using Magna tiles. These are plastic magnetic tiles and people use the magnets to build structures and are very popular amongst hobbyists and children alike.


100% Custom Shape

If you can’t see what you need, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We can produce magnets of almost any shape and size, no matter how complicated they may be. We are very flexible with quantities to and we can satisfy orders of 1 piece, 100 pieces or 100,000 pieces.


Placing An Order…

If you would like to place an order, please send your requirements to custom@magnet-store.co.uk or complete the contact form below. We accept all major payment methods, such as BACS, debit/credit, PayPal and we even have Magnet Store gift cards. Production of your order will start within 24 hours of your order being placed.

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