Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Adhesive magnetic tape is a game-changer for adding magnetic functionality to any surface or object. With its strong adhesive backing and magnetic side, it effortlessly adheres to various materials. Perfect for organising and displaying items on fridges or metal cabinets, this tape is a must-have for efficient spaces. Crafters will love its ability to create custom magnetic displays and closures. These adhesive magnetic strips are popular in the signage and retail industry, it allows you to easily install and remove temporary signs and displays on metal surfaces. Experience the convenience of magnets with our versatile adhesive magnetic tape, revolutionising your magnetic connections.

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If you can’t find the adhesive magnetic tape you need, we’ve got you covered! Our custom manufacturing services ensure that you get the perfect solution tailored to your requirements. From size and strength to special adhesives, we’ll create the ideal magnetic tape to meet your unique needs.

Which Industries Commonly Use Adhesive Magnetic Tape?

1. Construction: Adhesive magnetic tape is used in construction to secure various materials, such as signage, temporary barriers, and lightweight fixtures. It allows for easy installation and removal without causing damage.

2. Retail: Magnetic tape is employed in the retail sector for product displays and signage. It enables swift and flexible changes to promotional materials, making it easier to update pricing, advertisements, or product information.

3. Manufacturing: Industries involved in manufacturing utilize adhesive magnetic tape for a variety of applications, including holding templates and jigs in place, mounting sensors and switches, and securing protective covers or shields.

4. Exhibition and Events: Magnetic tape is frequently used in exhibition and event setups to hang banners, signs, and decorative elements without the need for nails or screws. It allows for quick installation and removal, minimizing damage to the venue

5. Automotive: The automotive industry uses adhesive magnetic tape for attaching items like cable guides, temporary wiring, and small interior components. The tape’s strength, flexibility, and ease of use make it valuable in vehicle assembly processes.

6. Printing and Graphics: Magnetic tape finds application in the printing and graphics industry for securing print media, posters, or artwork to magnetic receptive surfaces. It allows for effortless repositioning and replacement.

7. Education: Schools and educational institutions utilize adhesive magnetic tape to create interactive learning environments. It helps in mounting teaching aids, charts, and educational posters on magnetic whiteboards or walls.

8. Healthcare: Magnetic tape is used in the healthcare sector for temporary installations such as mounting signs, patient information displays, and lightweight fixtures. It provides a non-damaging solution for attaching objects to walls and surfaces.

9. Packaging: Adhesive magnetic tape is employed in packaging for attaching promotional materials or product information to displays or containers. It offers a reusable and flexible solution for branding and labelling.

10. Arts and Crafts: Artists, crafters, and hobbyists often use magnetic tape for various creative projects. It allows for easy attachment of lightweight objects, such as decorations, photos, or artwork, on magnetic surfaces.

Please note that the use of adhesive magnetic tape can vary across industries and specific applications may differ depending on the requirements of each sector.

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