30mm x 1.5mm Flexible Magnetic Tape 3M Adhesive (1 Meter)


Use flexible magnetic tape anywhere and make anything magnetic! This powerful magnetic tape has a powerful 3M adhesive strip on the opposite side to securely stick to any surface. These strips are perfect for use on plastic, glass, porcelain tiles, metal, and just about any other smooth surface. 

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These flexible magnetic strips are very versatile as they can be cut down to any shape and size to fit your requirements - no matter how niche they may be. Most popularly used in crafts, home and DIY, display signs, automotive, engineering, product development, education, retail display, shelf labels and more. 

Once you’ve cut the tape to the required length, press down on the tape for 2-3 minutes so the adhesive can properly bond to the smooth surface. 

If your object is slightly heavier and you need a stronger pull force, we recommend you attach two to three strips to the surface to ensure maximum magnetic hold. 


These flexible magnetic tapes consist of a magnet (north and south poles) with adhesive, the strips will magnetise to each other on both sides. 

Magnetic strips are not to be used for large and heavy objects. If your project requires stronger pull forces, we recommend neodymium magnets. 

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