220 Pro™ Clamp Neodymium 440KG / 970LB Pull Fishing Magnet


The 220 Pro™ is the leading fishing magnet in the UK for good reason. It’s shown to be the best all-round fishing magnet as it’s lightweight, low cost and delivers huge pulling power. Widely used by people of all experience levels, the 220 Pro™ is a must-have in any magnet fishing arsenal. Packing one solid high-performance Neodymium magnet, this magnet generates an impressive 440KG / 970LB pulling force.

Watch 220 Pro in action.

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Threadlocker Blue (10ml)


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Magnet Store is one of the world’s leading providers in magnetics. We’ve focused our expertise to develop the most robust and powerful fishing magnets commercially available. Met by the most extensive certifications in engineering and magnetics, our philosophy is to produce the most premium fishing magnets that modern technology has to offer to give you the best magnet fishing experience.


Neodymium is a rare earth metal that has the strongest magnetic properties in the world. Neodymium magnets are predominantly made from three elements; Neodymium, iron and boron. Our fishing magnets are specially treated in an extensive three-time coating process to enhance the longevity, performance and aesthetics of the magnet. 


We highly recommend you use thread lock for your fishing magnet to prevent the eyebolt (the screw mechanism) and nut from coming loose. Thread lock secures the eyebolt into your magnet, preventing it from unscrewing during use. 


What to do with your finds

Magnet fishing is an eco-friendly hobby that removes pollution from our canals and waterways. Leaving your finds at the side simply moves the pollution from one place to another and you’re liable for the mess. When magnet fishing, you must dispose of your finds in an eco-friendly manner, either by taking it home (unless you’ve found a weapon), calling the scrap person or taking it to a recycling centre yourself. Please note, if you call a scrap person, please do not leave the area until you’ve seen the metal being removed. Find your local scrap person by visiting the Facebook group Dippers and Scrappers


Strong Magnet Advisories 

Magnet fishing is a fantastic hobby but it’s important to understand the associated risks before use. Neodymium magnets are from the rare earth metal Neodymium and they’re the strongest magnets available. Neodymium magnets are NOT toys and should not be treated as such. They have the potential to inflict serious harm, especially to children. Take extreme caution at all times. If you have two magnets, make sure they are at least 1 meter apart because they can violently snap together. We don’t recommend use by children. If you find a weapon, firearm or explosive, you must not handle the item and you must call the police immediately as it can be used to help an ongoing investigation. Magnet Store is not liable for damage or harm caused by the use or misuse of this product. 

You must keep strong Neodymium magnets away from electrical appliances as they can cause permanent damage. Fishing magnets should be kept clear of devices like phones, computers, pacemakers, debit cards, monitors, speakers, memory cards, hard drives, watches and any other device that has electronic or ferrous components. 

Pull forces for fishing magnets are recorded at optimal conditions. This is achieved by magnetising the magnet to a thick steel plate and pulled hydraulically. Many factors can affect the pull force of a magnet including the air gap, material, direction of the detaching force, thickness of metal, temperature, humidity, speed of lift and uneven surface areas. 

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Fishing Magnet Diameter



Double Sided

Pull Force (Combined)

440KG / 970LB



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