Retractable Grappling Hook – 229mm Non Magnetic Stainless Steel


  • Magnet fishing staple – Perfect for catching those stubborn finds, these durable grappling hooks are the ideal addition to any magnet fishing kit.
  • 500kg load – Impressive load of 500kg these grapples can comfortably lift even the most challenging of objects.
  • Non-Magnetic – Made from non-magnetic stainless steel these grappling hooks won’t get in the way of your magnet
  • Easy to transport – with retractable claws these grappling hooks are easy and safe to transport and take up minimal space.
  • Attach your rope with ease – the perfectly positioned threading hole makes it quick and simple to attach your rope
  • Durable material – the claws made of ASTM 1050, the climbing hook made of premium quality SUS304 stainless steel, each grappling hook is more solid, durable, and built to last, won’t easily bend or break.
  • Non-slip saw-tooth – Each claw is equipped with saw-like teeth giving them an extra grip.

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This magnet fishing grappling hook is a must-have tool for any magnet fishing enthusiast. The retractable teeth offer convenience and a huge load-bearing force of 500KG / 1102LB. The claws are made of ASTM 1050 and the hook is premium SUS304 stainless steel. This means the grappling hook is solid, durable and will not bend or break. This piece of equipment is built to last. 

This retractable grappling hook has toothed claws that help latch onto an object with ease, giving you much more stability than traditional grappling hooks. The grappling hook is also non-magnetic which means it can be easily transported alongside your fishing magnets. Being able to close and expand the claws makes it a pleasure to use, transport and store. 

Particularly useful on heavy non-ferrous items, you can now comfortably lift the most challenging objects meaning no more opportunities will be missed.

  • SKU: MS0108

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