40mm x 12mm x (6.6mm hole) Counterbore Neodymium Magnet N52 (Pull 40.3KG)


Our advanced 40mm x 12mm x (6.6mm hole) Neodymium counterbore magnets are exceptionally powerful and adaptable. Ideal for embedding into various materials, they are widely used in DIY projects, crafts, cabinetry, furniture assembly, manufacturing, and innovative scientific experiments.

Boasting the N52 grade, these neodymium counterbore magnets offer a superior level of magnetic force, perfect for professional and high-precision tasks where exceptional magnetic strength is paramount.

Product Description

Discover the unparalleled strength and versatility of our 40mm x 12mm x (6.6mm hole) Neodymium counterbore magnets. These magnets are specifically designed with a 40mm x 12mm x (6.6mm hole) counterbore hole, enabling easy embedding into non-magnetic materials. They are a staple in various applications including DIY, crafts, cabinetry, furniture assembly, and scientific experiments. The Neodymium composition is enhanced with a Nickel, Copper, and Boron triple-layer coating, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.

Advanced N52 Grade Excellence:

Our Neodymium counterbore magnets are distinguished by their N52 grade, representing a high level of magnetic strength within the spectrum of Neodymium magnets. N52 magnets strike an impressive balance between strength and durability, making them highly sought after for a wide range of applications.

N52 grade signifies a strong magnetic pull in a compact form, making these magnets particularly effective for projects where space is limited but a powerful magnetic force is required. Ideal for intricate woodworking, precision manufacturing, and innovative scientific experiments, these magnets provide a reliable and potent magnetic force, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every use. The N52 grade is a testament to their superior performance, especially in settings where a robust magnetic field is crucial.

Quality Assurance

Introducing our N52-grade 40mm x 12mm x (6.6mm hole) Neodymium counterbore magnets, meticulously engineered for superior performance. These magnets feature a triple-layer nickel-copper-nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) coating, which not only provides an elegant finish but also offers excellent protection against corrosion, thereby extending their lifespan.

Adhering to REACH and RoHS standards, our counterbore magnets are environmentally safe and free from harmful substances. These regulations ensure that our products are manufactured responsibly, maintaining high safety and quality standards.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous quality control process. Each magnet undergoes extensive testing to meet the highest quality criteria, ensuring reliability and durability. Due to the brittle nature of Neodymium, avoiding hard impacts/clashing magnets is advised to avoid damage.

Please remember, these counterbore magnets have the same magnetic pole and they will repel each other if two counterbore facing magnets are brought together. If you are magnetising towards a metal plate or other ferrous material, the magnet will magnetise towards it on both polarities. 

Technical Specifications 

  • Diameter 40mm
  • Thickness 12mm 
  • 6.6mm counterbore hole
  • Neodymium Grade: N52
  • +/-0.1mm tolerance.
  • 40.3KG pull force
  • Triple coated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
  • 6mm counterbore screws necessary for drilling and fixing
  • SKU - MS0253

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